The Sentinels


Daniel Dolpire, one of our members, who we thank for producing most of the wonderful photos on this website, has embarked on an ambitious project of compiling the definitive photographic record of South African Cranes. The book is to be called The Sentinels, emblematic of the status of Cranes as the indicator species of the health of our grassland and wetland habitats. Daniel hopes to be ready to publish during 2017 or 2018.

The KZN Crane Foundation fully supports his initiative . We believe it will introduce many to the grace and elegance of cranes and help spread the word about the desperate need to conserve these iconic birds and their habitat.

If you  would like  numbered copies of any of the photos stretch mounted on canvas (1000 X 1500 or 660 X 1000) or if you would like to contribute towards the publication of what promises to be a collectors item, please contact us on or to view Daniel's work go to his website or click here Daniel to reach his Facebook page.