Become a Volunteer or Intern


At certain times of the year, particularly when our research programmes involve rearing or tracking young cranes, our staff are very hard pressed to keep up with the demands of the chicks. You will need to be physically fit (and able to keep up with our lively youngsters) and interested in the natural world, whilst also being resilient enough to face the physical challenges of long walks in the sun or the freezing mist (dressed up in a crane costume). Or, if your aim is to become a biologist and you would like to learn more about cranes and their environment or progress your studies along specific lines by becoming involved in crane or environmental research, become a volunteer or intern. We can’t promise that we will always be able to meet you goals, but we can promise that the work is interesting, that we have on site accommodation for you and that at the end of your term, you will leave much richer for your experience and for your time in the beautiful midlands of KZN. Please register with us and we will get back to you about how you could become involved in crane research.

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