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Wattled Crane Aerial Survey 2000 - 2014

 The annual aerial Wattled Crane Survey, conducted by our partners, EWT and Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife has recorded steadily increasing populations of Blue and Wattled Cranes in KZN between the years 2000 and 2015. The primary reason for this recovery has been the growing awareness and support of farmers, and their increasing acceptance of their role as stewards of the environment. The Crane Custodian Programme played a significant role in initiating this elevated awareness of the plight of cranes and their habitat. If you are a farmer or land-owner and you would like to contribute to the conservation of our cranes and their environment, or learn more about environmentally sustainable farming methods, please fill in the contact sheet below and become an ambassador for the positive future of our environment. 

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If you are a farmer and would like to become a Crane Custodian or learn more about environmentally friendly farming, please provide your contact details. (We will not divulge your contact information):