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Human population growth is eating up the natural world at a rate that cannot be sustained. In its latest Living Planet Report, the WWF has estimated that the global species loss is approximately 2% per annum, with the population of vertebrates having dropped by half, over the past 40 years. At the same time, human population has almost doubled.

If this trend of species loss, in the face of the ever increasing human population, is to be halted, and if we hope to leave any kind of positive environmental legacy to future generations, it is incumbent upon us all to become involved in whatever way we can.

Since 1989, the KZN Crane Foundation has worked with farmers and conservation bodies in finding ways to preserve a precious heritage. This work has been largely responsible for the 55% increase in the number of these elegant birds in the wild and their recovery from the edge of extinction.

The work is not complete and for it to continue, we need your support. We are funded only by members and donors. Most of our work is done by volunteers whose motivation is a determination not to leave a legacy poorer than that which they inherited.

If you are concerned about the future of our environment and the prospect that future generations will grow up in a world poorer than that which you inherited, where water resources have dwindled and our graceful cranes have disappeared, please support the KZN Crane Foundation. To start the journey, simply click on the appropriate image -on the left.