Blue Crane Conservation

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Their dependence on open grassland habitats means that the conservation of Blue Cranes relies on the co-operation of landowners. Within the grassland biome, Blue Crane habitat management needs to be included in future plantation planning. Community and Landowner communications programmes need to focus on discouraging the removal of chicks from the wild. A better understanding of overhead powerline collisions is required, which constitutes the most significant threat within the Karoo biome. Throughout the country, but especially in the Overberg / Swartland regions, more responsible use of agri-chemicals needs to be encouraged, especially by the farm staff who bait grain to catch birds for food.



The Steenkampsberg plateau, proposed Grassland Biosphere Reserve, Platberg Karoo Conservancy, KwaZulu-Natal Drakensberg Park, Impendle Nature Reserve, KwaZulu-Natal Mistbelt grasslands, Karoo Nature reserve, Overberg wheatbelt and De Hoop Nature Reserve.