Become a Friend of the BBCONR

The Bill Barnes Crane and Oribi Nature Reserve is a unique gift to the midlands community, not only as a model for environmentally sustainable farming practices, but also as a treasure for people with a real interest in and concern for the environment. We wish to make the reserve more accessible to the local community, whilst ensuring its status as a sanctuary for some of our most threatened species. If you have a real interest in the environment and wish to help further the dream of Bill Barnes, you could achieve these ends by volunteering to support the reserve in any of the following ways:-


Ways that you could become involved as a Friend of the Bill Barnes Crane and Oribi Nature Reserve

  • Conducting nature walks in the Reserve (you will need an outgoing personality, a reasonable degree of physical fitness and a sound knowledge of the fauna and flora of the area)
  • Identifying the flora on the reserve
  • Identifying the birds on the reserve
  • Identifying other fauna on the reserve
  • Assisting with game counts
  • Assisting with the eradication of alien invasive plant species
  • Conducting approved research into veld management or conservation on the reserve

If you would like to become a friend of the BBCONR, please provide your contact details. (We will not divulge your contact information):

    Activities envisaged: